Our People

From Consulting and Alternative Funding to Enrollment and Claim Support

The roots of Integrity Services and Solutions are founded in our President, Diane Klinger's management role of a local 100+ employee company. In this capacity, Diane was responsible for management of employees, director of human resources and implementations of new management, payment and computer programs and processes.

After over 15 years serving in this role, Diane went on to pursue her securities and insurance licenses. She accepted a position with a large insurance and investment firm in King of Prussia, all the while maintaining a highly trusted consulting relationship with her prior employer.

After two years, Diane left the King of Prussia firm to establish an independent insurance agency focused on people, relationships and trust rather than sales numbers. Integrity Services and Solutions, LLC, was born.

Diane served on the Board of Directors for Bernville Area Community Library and is the founder of Shine The Light, a nonprofit organization in memory of her son. Diane has spoken to audiences across the County as the heart of “A Mother’s Voice” and was awarded the highly esteemed Presidential Award by COCA for her contribution and dedication. Diane writes editorials for publishing in local news media.

Todd Klinger joined the agency in 2010 with a solid reputation for customer service excellence. Todd’s background is a business owner in the construction industry for 25 years. Todd enjoyed creating and maintaining stable relationships with large customers such as M&M Mars, Inc., The Hershey Company, Walmart, Caterpillar, and Harley-Davidson.

Todd is Vice President of the organization and head of Sales. He serves as a trusted partner to business owner clients.

Alicia Clay

Alicia Clay is the agency’s Business Development Manager specializing in Individual Insurance solutions. Alicia understands that every individual’s need for insurance is unique to their goals, priorities, and circumstance. She believes that through sharing her knowledge of insurance, she can educate and assist her clients obtaining the most appropriate available product to fit their lifestyle.

Alicia is known for her great care and attention to detail while assisting individuals to navigate the health insurance marketplace. Her compassionate and patient demeanor provides seniors a comfortable environment to explore their Medicare options.